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Marlow Counter is a bit of a dreamer. In fact Marlow often questions whether or not he is awake because life for him is so limitless. When someone understands how things in the physical universe work with uncanny clarity - and when they have an unbreakable connection with their children - and when that person has enough experiences for three lifetimes, well... they spend a lot of time pinching themselves to make sure it is all real.

Marlow is an expert mechanic. Most of his clients end up as friends because they soon learn to appreciate his workmanship and abundant generosity. When he is not working on cars and making biofuels, or spending time with his children (Nicholas, Colette, and Corey), you can find Marlow flying 1,500 feet above the planet's surface in his airplane.

Marlow wrote this book to inspire you to never stop dreaming. To let you know that with hard work and dedication, your dreams can become reality!

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